heritageIt is becoming increasingly important in both homebuilding and renovating to both maintain the style of your existing home, or to fit in with your surroundings. This is especially the case for many Victorian, Edwardian and older properties as well, including listing buildings, which need to maintain the original character of the building works. When it comes to your roof, maintaining the traditional appearance of Lead, Copper and Zinc can be very expensive. In addition, it is becoming difficult to find skilled labour to fit these materials, and their high value also means they are constantly at risk of theft even after they have been fitted.

Sarnafil  are offers a contemporary alternative to these traditional materials that not only gives you the same style and longstanding appearance, but it is a solution that is accepted as a replacement by many local authorities. We can even recreate even the most intricate of traditional roofing details, by using features such as Batton Roll Profiles, which match the roof perfectly and provide real lead and copper simulation. On top of this Churchill roofing by Sarnafil offers a roofing system that gives you a 15 year, guaranteed peace of mind.

We are skilful registered Sarnafil roof installers, and offer 15 year guarantee which means every roof can be seen as a ‘life time investment’ which offers real ‘value for money’.