Dormers, Porches & Bays

Dormers, Porches & BaysDormers and porches are an impressive feature on any home, and give real aesthetical appeal to the outside of your home and that all important additional living space inside. Most bay windows utilise traditional lead roofing material, which can be extremely costly and constantly at risk to theft, and whilst due to being used less and less over recent years, finding experienced and trained labour is becoming difficult.

Churchill offers a contemporary solution for your Dormers, Porches and Bay Windows. For home owners, especially those that possess Victorian and Edwardian houses, we understand the importance of maintaining the traditional look of your roof so it complements the rest of the building, and our system does just that, creating a genuine lead simulation with intricate detailing.

Sarnafil, the single ply roofing system can also be integrated with improved thermal insulation, thereby meeting the latest requirements of the Building Regulations. This upgraded system ensures that porches and dormers will reduce the loss of valuable heat through traditional non-insulated roofs, saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

Like thousands of others before you, you could benefit from an a roofing system that looks great, offers a 15 year guarantee and the gives you the peace of mind, that qualified and registered installers will be in charge of fitting your new roofing system.