About us

Why choose Churchill Sarnafil Roofing Solutions?

As Sarnafil is growing to be the homeowner’s first choice there are a number of companies who are setting up as suppliers and fitters for the domestic market.

Churchill Sarnafil Roofing Solutions are one of very few companies that specialise solely in flat roofing solutions we combine traditional lead flat roofs our sister company Churchillleadspecialist with modern sarnafil single ply roofing we have 30years experience in the flat roofing industry. We believe that the sarnafil product and our high and un-compromising standards of work sell themselves. This not only means that your quote will be honest, correct and carried out by someone who fully understands the work that is involved, but also allows us to be one of the most competitive contractors in the business.

Who are Sarnafil?

Sarnafil Ltd are one of the largest suppliers of single-ply waterproofing systems in Great Britain. Established in 1980 to provide market leading services to the industrial & commercial, new & refurbishment roofing markets. Sarnafil’s portfolio now boasts such projects as the Excel exhibition centre, Emirates Stadium and even the British Standards Institute.

For further information on Sarnafil please go to http://www.Sarnafilroofassured.co.uk

What is Sarnafil Roof Assured?

Sarnafil roof assured is the domestic section of Sarnafil Ltd, it allows Sarnafil trained and registered contractors to bring the highest roofing technology to the homeowner. And this is exactly what Churchill-sarnafil-Roofing solutions has been and is providing to the highest of standards for homeowners across Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

Why choose Sarnafil?

It is most likely that if you have a flat roof that is over 10 years old it will be Green/mineral felt and it will probably be blistered, cracked and have unsightly moss growing on it.
Felt roofing can be fitted by anyone, there are no licenses needed to purchase it and no qualifications required to legally fit it.
If you choose a Sarnafil Roof supplied and fitted by Churchill Sarnafil Roofing Solutions, your roof will be fitted by a trained and registered contractor whose labour has been fully accessed and over seen by the Sarnafil Applications Department at the company’s purpose-built training and assessment centre in London And after final completion and inspection by a Sarnafil field Technician you will be issued with a Sarnafil guarantee, which covers the installed roofing system for between 10-20 years depending upon which particular membrane is fitted.